Driving In Florida Controls Florida’s Auto Insurance Rates

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle in the state of Florida without insurance meeting the states minimum requirements!  Not only is auto insurance important, it is a requirement by Florida law.  One of the main reasons why Florida’s auto insurance is so expensive is that Florida has one of the highest numbers of uninsured drivers.  Florida has countless factors that run up the cost of auto insurance.  You might ask who has the cheapest insurance, and we have an answer! is able to inform you who can supply the cheapest Florida auto insurance.

Florida Auto Insurance Laws

Florida has minimum car insurance requirements:

(July 2020)


PIP: Personal Injury Protection       PDL: Property Damage Liability 

Main Factors To Florida Auto Insurance

Florida auto insurance is a topic where knowledge is key.  Knowing what raises auto rates will allow you to talk to your insurance agent and lower your premiums.  The specific things that raise or lower rates are considered factors.  

Some factors are:

  • Large Number of Annual Tourist 
  • Busy Roadways
  • Unpredictable Weather 
  • Large Number of Uninsured Drivers
  • High-Risk Drivers 

Large Annual Tourist & Busy Roadways

The state of Florida gets over 126 million out-of-state visitors each year!  This calls for chaos and accidents.  The more congestion roads have, the more accidents are likely to happen.  The fact that Florida’s most popular routes are filled with visitors means that many drivers are not familiar with those very roads.  This contributes to a very high chance of having a wreck.  Florida has been proven to be just as busy as New York and California.

Unpredictable Weather 

Florida has a history of changing from calm and quiet to windy and brutally raining in a flip of a second.  Although it is called the Sunshine State, it isn’t always so sunny.  This wild state can have hurricanes and tropical storms, and has in the past.  Large amounts of rain in little periods of time paired with at sea level elevation causes severe flooding.  Intense flooding that Florida sees can have a toll on driving.  Most drivers don’t acknowledge the weather while driving, which causes terrible accidents.  When a hurricane or tropical storm wipes through Florida, thousands of property damage claims get sent to insurance agencies.  Just so insurance companies don’t go into the negatives, they raise the premiums.  Anybody living near a coast should expect to pay much more than an inland state.

Large Number of Uninsured Drivers 

It’s not a large number, it’s the largest in The United States.  Florida has the highest percentage of uninsured drivers at 26.7%.  This is definitely one of the main factors that runs up insurance prices.  Out of 1000 drivers, about 270 of them are uninsured.  That’s a lot!

High-Risk Drivers

High risk drivers could consist of elderly people, students attending a Florida college, or tourists.  Florida has an extremely high amount of high-risk drivers because of it being a dream retirement paradise, having many good colleges, and having some of the most popular amusement parks and beaches.  This large amount of high-risk drivers make accidents more common, just like the rest of the factors.  Florida has some of the worst accidents just because of the amount of elderly drivers.

How Bad is Driving in Florida?

When analyzing whether something is an opinion or a fact, statistics mean a lot.  How many accidents occur in Florida each day?  A whooping 1,000 accidents!  Annual car accidents account for over 3,000 deaths and 170,000 injuries.  Last year the main cause of automobile accidents were texting and driving related.  This is a lifestyle issue regarding Florida’s young high-risk drivers, which is why the premiums are very high.  In 2017, Miami-Dade County had a mind blowing 65,509 accidents.  That county averages almost 180 accidents a day.  It is not an opinion that driving in Florida is bad, it is a proven fact.  Because different cities have different accident rates, insurance prices vary throughout the state.  The main thing that decides insurance prices anywhere in the world is location.  For example, Jacksonville, Fl is going to have way lower premiums then Tampa, Fl by about $1200.

Accidents Aren’t Just Caused by Bad Drivers

The national average of car age is 11.6, but Florida’s average is 10.6.  In many states people on average only keep their cars for 6 years.  Car issues are a legitimate reason that causes more chaos on roads.  More chaos throws high-risk drivers into a quandary.

Super Pricey

Although Floridans pay 52% more than the national average for auto insurance, they actually don’t have the highest premiums.  Louisiana and Michigan are The United States winner for most expensive auto insurance.  These two states have an average of over $2500 a year, while Flordians pay an average of $2300.  It is scary to think that you have to pay over $2000 a year for auto insurance but there are ways to drop your prices just a little.

Knowledge is Key

Knowing where to look for cheap insurance is very important, along with being intelligent in regards to what factors run up premiums.  Lots ask if there are simple things that can lower insurance premiums, and there is.  Whether your car has new breaking edge tech to stop accidents or even anti-theft devices, your premiums can and will drop.  More things that can drop your prices could be having multiple cars, a low-mileage vehicle, being a good student, being a mature driver, or even taking part in driving courses.  As an insurance owner that wants to save money, your goal is to keep a good credit and all around be a good driver!  If you’re in school, make the best grades you can.  All this being said, don’t just take one quote from one company.  Only searching one company for rates is the biggest mistake you can make.  The best place to find the policy that fits you best is  This technically advanced website will search 30 of the top insurance companies in Florida in seconds after taking simple information from you to make sure you have the lowest premiums possible.