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Free Content Sources For Webmasters

Placing lots of good content on your site serves at least three purposes:
- It gets people to spend more time on your site.
- It helps to get people to return to your site or even to bookmark it.
- It helps to get more visitors. This is due both to more people talking about your site and to providing the search engines with more food

There are many sources for free content on the web which allows webmasters to place that content on their site(s). Some of this content is great and some is truly horrible. Distributing your content to other webmasters is known as syndication and syndication is a great way of getting backlinks to your site and building your ranking in the search engines.

However, if you are a webmaster with content that you would like to syndicate for free, there are very few places on the web where you can post information about it unless it is an article. At least I can seem to find only one site that lets webmasters post their own free content links and their submission link doesn't seem to work anymore. It is for this reason that I have starting building this page. If you are looking for free content. Hopefully, you will be able to find what you are seeking here. If you want to syndicate your free content, then feel free to submit it and have it listed with the other free content on these pages. Although auto-updating free article submissions will be considered, this site's primary focus is on non-article free content since sources for submitting free articles can be found all over the web.

The free content sources listed below are all ones that I have personally used and therefore consider worth listing. If you know of any good free content providers or if you yourself are a free content provider, please follow the link on the top right side of this page to submit the free content.

Advice and Tips

Parenting Tip of the Day This gives you a nice little parenting tip that is installed with a simple javascript and which automatically updates daily.

Tip of the Day This site gives you a nice little time or money saving daily tip. It displays as an auto-updating image that changes daily and is easy to install with just a few lines of code.

Entertainment Industry

Movie Trivia of the Day This provides a nice little piece of movie trivia which automatically changes every day. All you need is to install a simple javascript along with an HTML link. Highly customizable, this code should work great on any entertainment oriented website.

Games and Puzzles

Free Daily Crossword Puzzle As might be expected of a crossword puzzle, this crossword takes up a good deal of the space on the the page, but it is a very nice professional looking crossword. The controls are easy to use, it automatically changes every day and it only requires loading a javascript onto your page.


Daily Bible Verse This provides a verse from the bible which automatically changes every day. All you need is to install a simple javascript along with an HTML link. Highly customizable, this code should work great on any christian oriented website.

Google Gadgets Google offers a variety of gadgets you can place on your site for free: Google maps, calendars, the time and date, Pacman game, etc. I have personally used the Pacman game and found it to be very good. Google also offers major name comic strips, but whenever I try to get the code for one, the page returns an error.

Quote of the Day This site offers at least several different types of quotes to choose from which are automatically updated daily: general quotes, love quotes, funny quotes, art quotes and/or nature quotes. Each type of quote is available in either a javascript or a RSS feed. They also offer some other freebies such as "This day in history."


News Feeds This site offers a wide selection of news categories to select from. Each automatically updates daily and only requires that you install a simple javascript and an HTML link. Each javascript generates three headlines, each of which is followed by a brief paragraph. Of course each of those headines contain a link back to the news story source. I have personally used their daily baseball news script and it works very well.

Movie News and Reviews This site offers automatically daily updating javascripts that serve up movie news or reviews. In both categories you can select whether you want five or ten headlines to appear. The bad news is that they are only headlines. The user must click on a given headline to read any of the story. The site also offers movie related RSS and XML feeds which even include trailers.

Weekend Box Office This site uses a simple line of javascript to give you either the top five weekend box office results or for a single movie and automatically updates each week.


Freelang online dictionary Free bilingual dictionaries, English from/to 92 languages. Simply add their search box to your site (you can customize it as you wish) and let your visitors look up a word.


5 Day Weather Forecast This site give you a nice little 5 day weather forecast for anyplace in the country you choose. You can also customize several features in it to better integrate it into your site and have it display the information you want. It uses a simple javascript which is contunuously updated automatically.

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